How to Fix Broken Registry Items Windows 10

How to Fix Broken Registry Items Windows 10

Sometimes you can get a damaged registry on your computer because of several reasons. Manually changing the Registry is the main reason that cause registry damage on the computer. You never know the impact, even of a slightest change in the Registry can lead to major issues. 

It is not recommended by Microsoft to alter the registry setting if you are not have a properly knowledge of Windows Registry.

It is very important to fix a corrupted Registry as soon as you can because corrupted registry can lead to a chain of reaction within your Windows OS, it can even damage your data beyond recovery. 

To fix the Windows registry setting on your computer you can follow the below recommended steps one by one.

Run the DISM Command in Command Prompt

When SFC scan fails to fix broken registry items error, our next recommend solution is to try DISM scanning. Like SFC scan DISM -is a command line tool which can be used to prepare, modify and repair the system image file including windows recovery environments, windows setup etc.,

To run the DISM scan follow the below instrcution:

  • Press Windows Key on your Keyboard and type cmd
  • Open CMD as Run as administrator
  • In the CMD screen type DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth and press enter
How to Fix Broken Registry Items Windows 10
  • Be patient while scanning is running and wait for the process to complete
  • Check the result for any fix on corrupted or missing files.
  • Restart your computer on see if DISM scan has fix broken registry items on your computer.

Perform System Restore

How to Fix Broken Registry Items Windows 10

If the above 2 solution didn’t fix broken registry items error on your device, you need to perform the third most recommended system restore solutions. Because system restore is one of the best way to take your Windows Operating system to any early stage where you didn’t had this fix broken registry items issues.

But you need to have System Restore enabled at first in order to get benefits from this very useful windows features. Check this blog to learn How to Perform a System Restore and all of its related question and answers.

Run Automatic Repair/Startup Repair

Performing Automatic Repair is another recommended solution to fix broken registry items error. Automatic Repair can help you fix broken registry items and corrupt or invalid registry keys on your Windows 10 computer.

Unfortunately, Automatic Repair feature is available in the newer versions of Windows but I bet you will be using the latest version of Windows anyhow.

Follow the below steps by steps to instruction to learn on how to fix broken registry items by using Automatic Repair/Startup Repair.

How to Fix Broken Registry Items Windows 10

Reset Windows System to Fix Broken Registry Items

How to Fix Broken Registry Items Windows 10
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If you are still having the fix broken registry items issue on your Windows operating system, then the least solution to fix this error is to reset your Windows 10 OS. But unfortunately, this process will wipe all the software and setting from your computer.

But performing Windows Reset option will 100% fix the registry broken item on your computer. Follow this blog, to learn How to reset Windows 10 Operating System in detailed step by step instruction.

CCleaner Registry Cleaning

How to Fix Broken Registry Items Windows 10

CCleaner is one of the best software to fix broken registry setting on your Windows device. You can use the free version of CClearner to can check and fix broken registry items on your Windows device.

Install the CCleaner software on your computer and go to registry setting in the left corner. There click on a button Scan for Issues, that will scan and list all the missing, broken registry items on your computer. 

Once the scanning is completed you will be shown a list of broken registry items on your device, select all the registry items and click on Fix selected Issues to fix the broken registry items on your device.

What is Windows Registry

The Windows Registry is a DNA of Windows operating system which stores the important information and settings for software programs, hardware devices, user preferences, and operating-system configurations. 

When you install a new program, Windows adds a new set of instructions and file references to the registry in a specific location for the program, those information helpful for the Windows to refer to for more information like which options to use in the program, where the files are located etc.

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