How to Stop Windows 10 Update

How to Stop Windows 10 Update

Follow the below steps to stop Windows update in your Windows 10 device. Stop Windows update is very easy but it’s not recommended by Microsoft, because stopping the update will prevent your device to receive the latest security update from Microsoft server which can lead to various problem in your device.

You can follow the below steps to disable Windows update in Windows 10

How to disable Windows update in Windows 10

  • Press Window key on your keyboard to open search bar
  • Type services and open the services as an administrator
How to Stop Windows 10 Update
  • Scroll down and select Windows Update
  • Right click the Windows Update and select Properties 
How to Stop Windows 10 Update
  • Change the Startup Type to Disabled
  • If the service status is running click Stop to Stop it
  • Click OK and close
How to Stop Windows 10 Update

That’s it, Now you have successfully disabled the Windows update services on your device that will stop your device from receiving further update on your device.

How to Permanently disable Windows update using GPO

This following option is for the system admin who manage multiple computers. Using group policy you can disable the Windows update centrally.

Even you disabled the Windows Update services in Windows 10 but some how Windows manage to enable it after the monthly cumulative updates. So, disabling the Windows services using the above method is not helpful in some scenario. 

Best way to avoid this kind of issue is to use Group Policy option, when you disable the Windows update services through Group Policy, it will be automatically disabled on the next Group Policy refresh interval.

Login to your Domain Controller and Open Group Policy Management Editor

Open Group Policy Management Editor on your domain controller and open the existing policy or create a new group policy object.

  • Computer Configuration
  • Expend Preferences/Control Panel Settings
  • Select Services as shown in the below image
How to Stop Windows 10 Update
  • Right Click on the services
  • Select New and click Service
How to Stop Windows 10 Update
  • Select Startup as Disabled
  • Type Windows Update service name as wuauserv
  • Select Service action as Stop service
  • Click OK to close
How to Stop Windows 10 Update

That’s it, now you have successfully created a group policy object to disabled the Windows update service in Windows 10 device.

If Windows enable the Windows update service or you enabled manually, upon next group policy refresh internal Windows update service will automatically disabled. 

How to check Group Policy settings is Applied or Not?

Login to anyone of domain joined Windows 10 computer and follow the below instruction to confirm the group policy setting you created is applied or not.

  • Press Windows + X button on your keyboard
  • Select Windows PowerShell or Windows PowerShell (Admin)
How to Stop Windows 10 Update
  • Type gpupdate /force in the Windows PowerShell and wait till you get the successfully message.

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