How to Fix You are a Member of the Max. Number of Teams Allowed Microsoft Teams Error

Error: “You are a member of the max. number of teams allowed. You must leave some teams to continue”

Microsoft Teams Limitations

You will receive this error on creating a new Team; while the error description is misleading, you do not need to leave existing teams to create a new one.

If you have allowed tenants your users to create teams and they are not the global administrator, then they have a limit of creating only 250 Teams as per the Microsoft Limits and specifications of Microsoft Teams, and this limit is exempt only for global administrators.

How to solve You are a member of the max. number of teams allowed Error in Teams

Here’s how you can solve this issue, You do not need to assign a global administrator for the users. Thankfully Microsoft released 5 new admin roles, one of which is Team Administrator, which can create and manage office 365 Groups.

Assigning a Team administrator role for the affected user will remove the error. Assigning this permission gives the user some other privileges, so double-check the “Team Service Administrator” permission carefully before assigning it to the user.

Login to Office 365 Admin portal

You need to assign a Team administrator role to the affected user. So, to do this, log in to your Office 365 admin portal and assign the Teams Administrator role to the user. 

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