Where is Microsoft Teams Recording Stored

Where is Microsoft Teams Recording Stored

Recording is one the best feature available in Microsoft Teams which will save your lots of times during the meetings and make sure you didn’t miss a single discussion during the meeting. But Where is Microsoft Teams Recording Stored, check out this article for the detailed information.

If you don’t know How to Record a Teams Meeting check this article How to record a Teams meeting. When Microsoft was released the recording feature, all of the recording was stored in Microsoft Stream. In early 2021, Microsoft informed that by default all the recording will be saved to OneDrive and SharePoint.

Learn the importance of why you should store your Microsoft Teams recording in Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint.

Where is Microsoft Teams Recording Stored

Microsoft divide the meeting in two types, one is channel meeting which is started on the Teams channel and another one is non-channel meeting means every other meetings.

Where is Microsoft Teams Non-Channel Meeting Recording Stored

Microsoft Teams stored the recording in the OneDrive directory of the person who started the recording. If you or someone start the recording in the meeting you will be notified at the top of the screen as the meeting is been recorded.

Once the meeting ends, the recording will stop and it will start storing on the OneDrive directory of the recording person. Once the recording is ready, you will be notified as Recording is Ready.

Where is Microsoft Teams Channel Meeting Recording Stored

Channel meetings are the meetings which is started and recorded inside a Teams channel by clicking on the Meets Now button on the conversations. This Meet Now button available on every conversation.

Unlike the Non-Channel meeting these recording will be stored in the SharePoint site and document library of the channel.

To access the recording, click on the File Tab on the Microsoft Teams or visit the SharePoint directory of the channel. Your will find a Folder called Recordings where you can find all the recording recorded on this particular channel.

Everyone who has the permission to the channel can play and edit the recording.

I hope now you have learned Where is Microsoft Teams Recording Stored for the channel and non-channel meetings.

Common FAQs: Microsoft Teams Recording

Who can Record the Meetings in Microsoft Teams

Anyone who attends the meeting but to start a recording you should be having at least anyone of these Microsoft 365 license.

  • Office 365 Enterprise E1, E3, E5, F3, A1, A3, A5, M365 Business, Business Premium, or Business Essentials

Can a Guest User Record the Meetings in Microsoft Teams

No, At present Guest user or any user from the outside organization cannot start a recording in the Microsoft Teams meeting.

Can a Guest User view Microsoft Teams Recordings

Yes, guest users or any users who are outside organization can view the recordings in Microsoft Team only if explicitly shared with them. 

Can I share the Recordings with Guest Users

Yes, you can share the Microsoft Teams recording with Guest or any users outside organization. 

When will the Recording will stop in Microsoft Teams Meeting

When everyone leave the meeting, the recording will automatically stop and started to store in the cloud. If anyone forgot to leave the meetings the recording will continues and stop after 4 hour.

What happens if the recorders leaves the meeting

Even if the person who started the recording will left the meeting, the recording will continues until everyone leave the meeting.

How would I know if someone started the recording

Once the recording will be started by anyone in the meeting you will be notified at the top of the screen as the meeting is being recorded.

Where Can I find the recording, recorded by other users

Go to your activity or conversation which has the meeting name on it, there you will find a link to view the recording

How would I know if the recording is ready

If you started the recording, you will be notified through email. Otherwise you will be notified on the Microsoft Teams conversation tab.

Can I record the meeting if the recording is already started by others

No, only one person on the meeting can start the meeting. Once the meeting is ended the recording will be ready and you will be notified on Microsoft Teams.

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