What Does Restrict Mean on Instagram

What Does Restrict Mean on Instagram

Social Media platforms allow you to block someone if you find them annoying. But blocking someone is always a good choice, as the other party knows have blocked them. It might give you a hard time while facing them in your life.

So is there a good option to take control of your engagements? Yes, there is. Instagram’s new restrict feature makes it possible. Are you wondering what does restrict mean on Instagram How to use it? Then You are in the right place.

This article explains what is restrict feature on Instagram is and its features. So without further ado, let’s get started.

What does Restrict mean on Instagram

The restrict function on Instagram is an anti-bullying function that helps you avoid unwanted interactions. If you are annoyed by continuous DM’s and harsh comments then Restrict is the best feature for you. 

When you restrict someone on Instagram, the person would still be able to see your profile and interact with you. However, their comments won’t be visible to other users under your post. Their Direct Messages would be visible to you as a message request. 

It is more like a Soft Block, you can use this function to handle repeated bullies and negative comments. Okay now let’s see in detail what happens when you restrict someone on Instagram. Learning more about What Does Restrict Mean on Instagram will gives you the best knowledge on how this works!.

What happens When You Restrict someone on Instagram

You restrict someone on Instagram when you are continuously cyberbullied with harsh and negative comments and messages and if you don’t want them to know it. Here are the things that happen when you restrict someone on Instagram,

When you Restricted the Person on comments

The comments won’t be visible to other users who follow you. You will be able to see the restricted person’s comment along with the other comments under your post with a message. 

To view the comment, tap ‘See Comment’ on the protected message. Then you can choose to either ‘Approve’ or ‘Delete’ them. And you will not receive notifications when the restricted person comments on your post. 

If you approve them, the comment will be made visible to every user who follows you. If you delete them, both you and the restricted person won’t be able to see them. The restricted user won’t be notified of your action. 

However, if he/she checks your post he won’t able to find his comment. If you didn’t choose any of the options, the comment will be visible only to you and the other party. 

When you Restricted the Person on Direct Message

When you restrict someone on Instagram, their Direct messages will be moved to a separate section called ‘Message Requests’. Thus the sender (restricted person) won’t be able to see whether you have read it or not. And you won’t be notified of the messages. 

The restricted person will also not be able to view your active status i.e., whether you’re online or offline or last seen. You can read their messages in the Message Request, and they won’t be notified. 

You can tab the unrestrict option at the bottom of the chat to message back to the restricted person. Or you can use the ‘Delete’ option to delete the message request. And this also won’t be notified to the restricted person. 

Now you have learned what happens when you restrict someone on Instagram let’s see the difference between restrict and block options on Instagram. 

Restrict vs Block on Instagram

It is one of the most asked questions What is the difference between the restrict vs block on Instagram? So let me give you a short explanation about it. 

Both of them helps you to avoid peoples. However, if you block someone, both you and the other party will not be able to message each other and see the profiles, posts, stories. All the engagement between you will be canceled. 

Though the party will not be notified when you block them, they can find it by checking your profile, or by commenting or messaging you. They cannot mention or tag you in the future. In simple words, it is an end to your engagement. 

Whereas, when you restrict someone the other party can message, you view your profile, posts, and stories. But you or your followers will not be notified or disturbed by their actions. They can still tag or mention you and it will be notified to you. 

It is a tone-downed version of blocking, where everything seems normal to the other party but you won’t be disturbed by them. The restricted person will get into a view-only mode, thus his actions won’t affect you. And he won’t be able to find that you have restricted him.

Restrict vs Block on Instagram Which one to use

The answer is based on your needs and preference. Block can be a better choice if you don’t want the person to view your profile or interact with you and you don’t care about whether he/she finding your blocking.

But if you are going to meet the person daily and you don’t want them to find your actions then you can use restrict. Which gives you cyber protection without the other party knowing it. 


Restrict is not effective as the block option or invisible. The other party can find that you have restricted them, through a third party account, still restrict can solve major of your stress and pressure when dealing with the cyberbullies.

I hope this article has helped you learn what does restrict mean on Instagram and When to restrict someone on Instagram. Please share your question and thoughts on the article, in the comment section below

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