How to Fix Facebook Videos Won’t Play on Android Issue

How to Fix Facebook Videos Won’t Play on Android Issue

There’s been a lot of discussion amongst the Android Facebook users regarding the problem they are facing, Facebook Videos Won’t play on Android Phone. We have many solutions regarding the problem, and here’s all of them we present after you.

Solution 01: Restart your Mobile

Restarting the Device has always been a Popular and convenient way to solve many problems on the Mobile phones. Surely it is worth giving a shot to restarting the device to fix Facebook videos wont play on android phones.

Some changes in the settings are required first to force stop the Facebook app before you reboot your mobile phone.

The steps mentioned below can be preferred to follow-

  • First, go to Settings, enter the Applications.
  • After that,open Facebook, click Force Stop. Then reboot your device to see if the problem is solved.

Solution 02: Check Network Connectivity to Fix Facebook Videos won't play on Android issue

If the strength of connectivity isn’t strong, it would adversely affect the process of loading the video even in the lower video resolutions. If you are having trouble playing Facebook Videos on your android phone try transitioning to a well signaled network provider and ensuring the strong connectivity of your device to the internet. 

Refreshing the page could also help after ensuring the a strong network connection.

Solution 03: Re-login to your Facebook Account

When the problem Facebook Videos Won’t Play on Android Phone arises, logging out and then Re-Logging into your Facebook Account could surely be a way of helping yourself out of this situation.

Solution 04: Update to Latest version of App

Users often report that when Facebook videos won’t play on android phone they try the process of Re-installation the Facebook app or checking in for the updates on Play store for the App. Sometimes the method stated above may work.

Solution 05: Clear device Cache

The Facebook App stores the background cached files on your Phone. The regular clearing of them from settings is quite necessary otherwise some problems might arise. Removal of these files may fix the problem and removal is advised as soon as possible.

Below are the steps one can Follow to remove the cached files from their device-

  • Go to Settings.
  • Then, choose Apps and notifications.
  • Find “Facebook”, tap on it.
  • Open Storage, then click on Clear Cache. It will clear all cached files for Facebook apps on your device.

Solution 06: Reset your Mobile Device

If all the methods we stated above fails to work for you to play the videos, the last and foremost option we are left with is to factory reset your android device. This However, will erase all your personal data from the device so it is advised to use this feature with quite a caution.

If you decide to opt for the way of Factory Resetting your device, he following steps could be really useful and convenient for you to follow-

  • Go to “Settings”, 
  • choose “System”.
  • After launch it, tap on “Reset” Options on the device.
  • Then click on “Erase all data” (factory reset) and follow the instructions on the screen to reset the device.

Conclusion: How to Fix Facebook Videos Won’t Play on Android Phone Issue

Problems are a part of the Technology World, Facebook, just like any other software faces problems and bugs on some occasions, there is no abnormality in the problem Facebook videos won’t play on Android Phones.

It is a totally fixable problem. And we are always here to solve all of your problems regarding bugs and glitches of software and applications in the upcoming future too.

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