How to Change Your Name on Facebook

There are millions of cause and effects that forces you to change your Facebook name, it could be that the name you originally entered was a different one. Or you might want to change your surname.

Whatever might be the reason, you would simply get stuck in the middle of planning about changing your name on Facebook since you might not know about how to exactly change your name on the social media site.

This article will be solely focusing on dealing with the topic of how to change your name on Facebook

Changing your name on a Desktop PC can be both simple and complicated if are confused by the settings of the Facebook Site. To change your name on Facebook using desktop, do the following:

How to Change Your Name on Facebook on Desktop

1. Visit and sign in if you haven’t done it yet.
2. Click the tiny arrow located on the top right, select Settings & Privacy > Select Settings.

How to Change Your Name on Facebook on Desktop

3. Click on the General section,
4. Click on edit Edit right next to your name.

5. Type the new desired name for your Facebook profile
6. Click on ‘Review Change

How to Change Your Name on Facebook on Desktop

7. Select how you want your name to appear on screen.
8. Enter your Facebook password and
9. Finally click on
Save Changes.

This should clear up your doubts about how to change your name on Facebook on Desktop.

Note: While you are able to change your name, the name is only changed as your display name. The username itself will remain the one you entered before as all the Facebook usernames are unique for most Facebook users.

You still can change your username if you are truly desiring to do it. Simply click on the edit button located next to ‘Username’.

How to change your Name on Facebook on iPhone

Changing your name on the iPhone can be rather simple, just follow the steps mentioned below and you will be able to do it quickly:

How to Change Your Name on Facebook on iPhone

1. Open your Facebook iPhone app and tap the three dashes (lines) located at the very bottom corner.
2. Tap on Settings & Privacy > Settings >
3. Click on Personal Information.
4. In the Personal Information page, tap on Name.

How to Change Your Name on Facebook on iPhone

5. Simply enter your name of choice, whatsoever it is
6. Tap on ‘Review Change’  

Make sure to check it carefully as you won’t be able to change your name for 60 days after doing this, make sure to also choose how your name will be displayed on screen.

7. After you are done with that, enter your Facebook password on the prompt and
8. Tap on Save Changes.

How to change your Name on Facebook on Android

The Facebook app on an Android device functions similar to the iPhone version, hence the steps to changing your name on Facebook using Android can be simple, to change your name, do the following:

How to Change Your Name on Facebook on Android

1. Go to your Facebook app on Android and Tap on the 3 dash lines located at the top right
2. Scroll down till you come across Settings & Privacy, tap it. Once you are there, tap on Settings
Tap on Personal and Account Information
You will be brought to a page with your contact info, once there, tap on Name

How to Change Your Name on Facebook on Android

5. Enter the desired name of your choice
6. Tap on Review Change
Enter your password and tap on Save Changes

Do remember that this will also follow the same rule of putting a restriction for 60 days after changing a name, so make sure that you are entering the name of your choice instead of doing it for experiment.

That’s it, now you have learned How to Change Your Name on Facebook successfully on your Android device.

Understanding Facebook name change policy 

Facebook always requires any of their users to use their birth name in order to make sure that Facebook remains a secure place for your friends and family along with making sure that you are easily recognizable to your colleagues.

Specifically, various illegal activities can be checked with a Facebook user’s real name, such as scams, hacks or phishing, death threats, cyber bullying and more.

When you are using your real name, it becomes significantly easier to recover access to your account if you have forgotten your password or due to some other issue.

With this said and done, it is believable to understand that simply knowing how to change your name on Facebook won’t work if you do not follow some regulations, some of them are listed below for you to review and follow.

Your Facebook name should never include the following below:   

    1. Symbols numbers and unusual type of capitalization or punctuation.
    2. Character made up of several languages.
    3. Any sort of titles, religious or otherwise.
    4. Phrases or any sort of line instead of a name.
    5. Abusive or sexually explicit words of any kind.

Do take note to that you shouldn’t try to impersonate another person or even a colleague under a name or a new one, this will be dealt with a ban.

Alternative to How to change your Name on Facebook

If you are a famous celebrity and are directly trying to get more people to follow you and know about your name or the pseudonym/nickname you are using, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your Facebook app and press the three dash lines located on the very bottom corner.
  2. Tap on Settings & Privacy > Settings > Personal Information.
  3. Tap on ‘Name’.
  4. After that,, press Add a nickname, a birth name…
  5. Select the name type of your choice, it can either be Nickname, Alternate spelling or a name with a special title.
  6. Type the name you have chosen.
  7. Select if you want to show your nickname or the title at the top of the Facebook profile.
  8. Once you are done, tap on Save.

Any other name you have chosen will always be public and visible to anyone who looks at your profile.

With these, you should now know how to change your name on Facebook using computers, iPhone or an Android device.

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