How to Post Reels on Facebook

How to Post Reels on Facebook

If you are from India and have been an Instagram user or even the now banned Tik Tok app, then the term ‘Reels’ wouldn’t be as strange a term for you. This article will specifically be dealing with how to post reels on Facebook, keep reading below to know more!

Now, if you haven’t been using Instagram, this term would confuse you to no end. Reels for Facebook is a feature that allows you to upload 15-30 seconds videos of you doing any sort of random thing, whether it be a crazy antic or singing a song.

Reels also allow you to share your Instagram reels to Facebook.

How to Post Reels on Facebook

Posting a reel on Android can both be complicated and simple, depending on what you currently know about the feature as it is a relatively new feature. To know how to post reels on Facebook on Android, do the following:

How to Post Reels on Facebook on Android

1. Open your Facebook mobile app and Tap on the ‘Reel’ button just located on the center of the screen and right just below ‘Write something here…’ On the News Feed

2. Now Tap on Create Reel button 

3. Now Tap on Allow Access(Allow Facebook to access your storage and camera with audio, this is one time process only be asked on the first time you create a Reel.)

4. Simply tap on the white circle with the red dot button inside it, the video will start recording with the duration being exactly 30 seconds.

The Facebook reel camera will start up, here you can see you have been presented with several options such as ‘Add Music’, ‘Speed’, ‘Effects’ and ‘Green Screen’. All of this with the typical additions of normal camera such as changing the camera viewing mode from rear to front and vice versa.

How to Post Reels on Facebook on Android

6. Once you are finished with your recording, tap on ‘Edit’, or ‘Stop’ button on the center of the screen.

7. This will present you with several options including adding your own audio or even putting a text along with trimming the video. Decorate your Video as per your needs

8. After you are finished with the editing of the video, tap on ‘Next’

How to Post Reels on Facebook on Android

9. You will be presented with a ‘New Reel’ window with security options of whether you want the public to see the video or your friends along with being able to add specific friends to the list of who can see your reel. Click OK on Who can see Reels button. 

Note: For an easier time when releasing your reel, you can always set the default audience for reels to the specific security setting you have set. This will make sure that your reel is posted to the setting you are desiring to use without always changing them up.

10. Write something about the Reel if you want, this is optional step

11. After you are done with this, tap on ‘Share Reel’, your reel will be posted to your Facebook News Feed, in the Reels section and the search results of Facebook.

Now that you know how to post reels on Facebook on Android, you can simply share anything you are planning out as a reel on Facebook.

How to Disable Reels on Facebook

While those who used Tik Tok are more or less lauding the reels feature on Facebook due to the similarity to the aforementioned app, some are not so fond of the feature. 

Reels can either be intellectual or outright offensive along with being slightly disturbing, if not even brutally violent if the content creator belongs to that sort of genre.

It is also likely that one might also be tired of seeing reels at every turn while surfing on Facebook, regardless of whether the reel is good or not.

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t include an in-built feature to disable a Facebook reel. Although it is still possible to disable a Facebook reel with different methods, albeit these will include some complexity along with following the parts accurately, to do this, follow the steps below:

Step 01: Uninstall the Latest version of Facebook App

Install the Old version of Facebook App on your mobile device.

How to Disable Reels on Facebook​

1. Uninstall the latest version of your Facebook Mobile app by going to ‘Play Store’ and searching for ‘Facebook’ and opening the page, tap on the ‘Uninstall’ bar. 

If the uninstall bar is not available, you can alternatively disable the Facebook app by going to the ‘Settings’ section of your Android and selecting the ‘Apps’ section, once you are there, tap on ‘Disable’ or ‘Force Stop’

Step 02: Install the Older version of Facebook App

How to Disable Reels on Facebook​

2. Once you are done either disabling or uninstalling the latest Facebook app, go to this Download older version of Facebook App on your Mobile device and install it.

Step 03: How to Disable Auto update for Facebook App

You need to disable the auto update feature for Facebook App on your Mobile, otherwise Facebook will be updated to the latest version and again Reels will be visible on your Mobile device.

How to Disable Reels on Facebook​

1. Go to Play Store on your Mobile device

2. Search for Facebook App on the Play Store

3. Tap on the 3 dots located on the top

4. Make sure the Auto update feature is un-ticked.

And you are all set, this will effectively disable Facebook reels for you as the old version doesn’t have that feature. If you are ready to do this and have no problems, then you are done.

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments section!

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