How to Fix ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error in 5 Ways

5 Solution to fix ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error

The “ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED” error message are common in non-WordPress related site, usually, you will see this error sometimes in Google Chrome or any one of your favorite browser. 

This error is not complex, and it can be resolved. In this article, you will learn how you can fix this error by just following a few simple steps like:

  1. Check your internet connection.
  2. Clear your browser’s cache.
  3. Flush your DNS cache.
  4. Change your DNS address.
  5. Temporarily disable antivirus and firewall software.

What is Err_Connection_Refused Error?

There are hundreds of possibilities that can cause the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Error on your browser. Most WordPress users face this type of error on a daily basis. Sometimes The ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error is caused by server-side problems, not in every case it may depend on user-side problems also. 

But which side it may be nothing to worry about this error is simply and easily resolvable. The most proven cause for this error was related to incorrect firewall or server settings, unexpected downtime, malware attack, or unreliable internet connection.

You will never know where the problem is lying because the error message ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED very simply and not much say about why it happened. So, it makes up to you to follow the most possible solution one by one and pray anyone of them to solve this error.

Solution 01: Check Your Internet Connection

Whatever the device you are using either Windows or macOS or any other device try accessing some of your other favorite websites to just make sure your internet is working fine. If you find any performance degrade on your internet connection like slowness or excessive page loading etc.,

Restart your Router or Modem

If you note anything usual then you should restart your home or office router. Restarting the router can also fix the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Error on your browser. Believe or not restarting the modem can solve a 100s of mysterious problem in your device.

If your router or modem does have a power button then gently press it, if not remove the power cable from the router
or modem and reconnect the cable after a few seconds.

Solution 02: Clear your Browser's Cache

Some of the important information related to your search queries are stored in your computer as a cache by your web browser like your browsing history, login credentials, and cookies, etc., This will help the web browser to load the web pages faster and improve your browsing performance.

The cached information helps you save your valuable time but sometimes the cached information gets corrupted which leads to various errors like the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED etc., but thankfully all of the web browsers give us the option to clear the cached data in a part or all of them.

Before cleaning the cached information in your browser first you need to make sure, the website you are getting the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error is working in incognito or also known as in private mode. If the website is successfully loading incognito or in-private mode then clearing the cached information will be helpful.

Another option is to try a different web browser than what currently you are using.

Right-click on your browser, you will be given one option as New incognito or in-private window, opening it by clicking and see you get rid of the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error. If the error not resolved then you can proceed to clean your browser cache.

How to Clear Cache for Google Chrome

Open a new Google Chrome browser and click the three dots icon in the top right corner. In the list of given options select More Tools and Clear browsing data.

5 Solution to fix ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error

Make sure your tick the following option

  • Browsing history
  • Cookies and other site data
  • Cached images and files
  • Click the clear data button

Solution 03: Flush your DNS Cache and Renew your IP address

If the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED is causing due to your local system then flushing your DNS cache and renewing your local IP address too can help you get rid of the error. 

To make sure you are pointing to the correct DNS on your computer or the host file on your computer might be get corrupted. 

You can flush the DNS on your computer by following the simple command as shown below, as well as renew the IP address for your device.

5 Solution to fix ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error
  • Press the Window key on your keyboard to open the search bar
  • Type cmd and open the command prompt as an admin
  • Type the following command one by one
    • Type ipconfig /flushdns and enter. This command will clear the DNS cache on your computer
    • Type ipconfig /renew and enter. This command will renew the IP address for your device automatically for your computer.

Solution 04: Change your DNS address

DNS IP address was always assigned by your ISP automatically and all of the ISP has their own choice of DNS server for their service. 

Changing the DNS won’t harm your device or its performance so, you may change the DNS server temporarily or permanently to any other DNS server such as Google or Cloudflare, or Aguard free DNS. 

Changing the DNS address can also help you get rid of the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error on your device.

5 Solution to fix ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error
  • Press Window Key + R on your Keyboard to open RUN Window
  • Type ncpa.cpl in run command and press Enter to open network connection
  • Go to properties of your Network Interface
  • Select Internet Protocol Version (TCP/IPv4)
  • Click Properties
  • In General, select using the following DNS server address
  • Type your preferred Primary and Secondary DNS IP Address
  • Click OK and Click Close

Here I am using AdGuard free family protection DNS which can block inappropriate and adult content, block phishing and dangerous site, protect privacy, and block tracking sites. 

For more information check How to Block Ads in Windows 10 in 2 minutes.

Solution 05: Disable your Antivirus and Firewall Applications

Antivirus application and firewall software can protect your device from various malicious activities and protection from all kinds of online threats. But like other software and services your Antivirus software and firewall can also mistakenly block certain websites which are completely secure.

Because one of the important jobs of the Antivirus application is to regularly perform the real-time checks and block any suspicious activity on your device. So many users have claimed that Antivirus software like AVG and Avast have given false positive reports mistakenly very often.

So, without delay go to your antivirus application and try to disable it temporarily. After visiting the website again to see if the error ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED is disappeared or not.

If you still facing the same ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error even after disabling your Antivirus application then your Antivirus software is not the culprit here. So, without a delay enable your Antivirus application immediately so that you don’t have to face any vulnerable attacks in between.

How to Disable Windows Defender Firewall in Windows 10

5 Solution to fix ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error
  • Press Window Key + R on your keyboard
  • Type control firewall.cpl and enter
  • On the left side, menu click Turn Windows Defender Firewall On or Off
  • Restart your PC

Now visit the website again to see if the error ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error is disappeared or not. If you find out you are still facing the same error then your Windows firewall is not causing any problem here so, immediately enable your Windows firewall without any delay.

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