How to Fix Chat Disappearing issue in Teams

How to Fix Chat Disappearing issue in Teams

Most of my staff complained about not seeing their chat and conversation on their channels, which also happened to me. On Windows 10 Teams Desktop app, I posted an important message on a channel a few days ago with 30+ users, but that message is not visible now. 

It’s wired. This has been happening to most users all around the world. I have seen so many complaints about it.

Follow the below steps to learn how to fix chat disappearing issue in teams:

How to Fix Chat not Visible or Disappearing Issue in Teams

You are not alone in facing this issue in Teams, this issue appeared in early 2018, but Still, Microsoft hasn’t found a way to fix this.

To Fix the chat not visible or disappearing issues in teams, follow the below-recommended steps:

Solutions 1: Sign-out and Sign-in of Teams

This behavior is only found in the desktop App or Mobile App. If you are using Microsoft Teams in the web browser, you will likely not receive this issue.

So, to fix this issue, Sign-out off your Microsoft Teams desktop or Mobile App and Sign in again. Temporarily this will fix the missing chat conversations issues in Microsoft Teams.

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Solutions 2: Check Teams in Web Browser

You are sure where your chat is missing; if the above fix doesn’t help them log in to your Teams in any of the web browsers by following this link and visiting the exact location.

Then again, go to your desktop or mobile App, Bingo you will find the chat that was missing or not visible before.

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For now, above are the two temporary fixes for the Chat Disappearing issue in Teams.

Vote for Fix: Ask Microsoft to fix this Issue

As a severe issue in Microsoft Teams, I have found many of my essential chat threads disappeared a few times.

Thankfully someone has already created a request to look for these issues, and the good thing is this request is under review by Microsoft. If you are annoyed by this issue, click the below vote  Now button to Vote on this request so that Microsoft staff will give some preference to this issue.

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