How to Wipe a Windows 10 Computer in 4 Different Ways

How to Wipe a Windows 10 Computer in 4 Different Ways

If you want to wipe a Windows 10 PC due to any problems, such as a virus attack or an accidental system file deletion, or want to give out your laptop for sale and prefer to have everything wiped out before doing so. Then knowing how to wipe a Windows 10 computer might be what you are looking for.

Other reasons for wanting to wipe a Windows 10 PC might include simply wanting to reinstall your system OS due to files becoming corrupt or wanting to update slightly; it can also include trying to wipe out all the information on the PC if you bought it used to get rid of clutter left by the previous owner.

Method #1: Factory Reset PC

How to wipe a Windows 10 computer? This way can be the simplest one, granted that your PC hasn’t been extensively corrupted enough not even to start up properly. You may do the following steps below:

  1. Select Reset this PC by searching on the search bar on Windows.
  2. Click on Get Started just below the Reset this PC section.
  3. You will get two choices: Remove everything or Keep my files.
  4. For this tutorial, select Remove everything to wipe your Windows 10 PC completely.
  5. You will be given an option to either reinstall Windows 10 using Cloud download or Local reinstall. You may choose either option according to your convenience.
  6. You will be brought to the Additional settings menu; if you want to make changes, you may click on Change settings.
  7. You can either select Delete files from all drives or Clean data to wipe out your Windows 10 PC completely; once you are done, click Confirm.
  8. Click on Next to proceed.

Work according to the prompt that comes next. The difference between Keep my files and Remove everything is the following:

  • Keep my files allows one to remove all the apps and drivers installed by a user. However, personal files will remain.
  • Remove everything allows one to completely wipe out their Windows 10 PC, including all the drivers and settings, including personal files.

How to wipe a Windows 10 computer? You may do the following steps above to do the best factory reset of your PC.

Method #2: Try a USB Recovery Drive

How to wipe a Windows 10 computer? You may try using a USB recovery drive to reinstall it. However, the risks might outweigh the benefits if you are not exactly ready for this way:

  1. Type create a recovery drive on the Windows search bar text field, and click on it once it appears.
  2. Make sure to tick Back up system files to the recovery drive and click on Next. Note that you will have to wait for half an hour or more.
  3. Insert the USB drive on your PC and turn it on while pressing F2, Del, or F12 according to your PC’s settings.
  4. In the Bios settings, you may set the first boot option as the USB drive. Once done, press F10 and Enter to save and proceed.
  5. Once you are in the USB boot menu, you may select your keyboard layout.
  6. Once you have done this, click on Recover from a drive. You will get the following options: Remove my files or Fully clean the drive. You may select either, but if you want a complete wipe, the Fully clean the drive option will be the best.
  7. Click on Recover.

Make sure that the USB drive is at least 16 GB in size before doing the resetting process. How to wipe a Windows 10 computer? While this option has more risks of failure, you may try this out if you are looking for another way to format your PC completely.

Method #3. Try Windows 10 Installation Media

How to wipe a Windows 10 computer? This method is rare for many people, and they may not have heard about it. This option won’t offer a complete wipe. However, it can be good if you are looking for a quick resetting of your PC. To do so, do the following:

  1. Insert a USB drive into your PC
  2. Download the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool from the Microsoft website.
  3. Run the Media Creation Tool and follow the prompts to create your installation media.
  4. Select the USB flash drive option once you are given the option to select a media to use.
  5. Restart your PC using the USB drive as the booting choice; once you get to the Windows Setup interface, select your language, time, and keyboard prompts.
  6. Once you are on the following interface, click on Install now. You will be given an option for a product key; click on I don’t have a product key. 
  7. Accept the terms and click on Custom, Install Windows only (advanced).
  8. You will be prompted to where you want Windows to be installed. Select your Drive.
  9. You may either click on Delete or Format your PC; formatting your partitions will remove all the data on your PC, but it won’t change its size. Deleting your partitions, however, will allow you to remove your partition altogether.
  10. Once you finish either Delete or Format, you may select the new partition you want to install Windows 10.

How to wipe a Windows 10 computer? You may do this if you want a quick and painless wiping option.

Method #4: Try Third-Parity Disk Wipe Software

Are you looking for a way to wipe out data from your computer without paying a high price? If yes, you should check out the 10 most successful Hard Drive Wipe software in 2022. 

These tools allow you to safely delete sensitive information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, passwords, bank account details, medical records, etc. 

You can use any of the following hard drive wipe software to erase the contents of your hard drive. They also let you securely erase confidential documents, emails, photos, music, movies, etc. The software does this by overwriting the entire disk with random data.

01. DBAN
02. Diskwipe
03. KillDisk
04. CCleaner Drive Wiper
05. Windows 10 Built-in Hard Disk Wiper
06. MHDD
07. Eraser
08. Hardwipe
09. CBL Data Shredder
10. Secure Eraser

For detailed information on each software, please check this article: The 10 Most Successful Hard Drive Wipe Software in 2022. This is our best recommendation on how to wipe a Windows 10 computer in different ways.


All the options listed above will help you reset your Windows 10 computer. However, it will depend on you as to how your computer is working and if it is even booting up properly at all to follow some of the steps listed above.

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