Windows 10 Create New Profile For Existing User

Windows 10 Create New Profile For Existing User

You want to create a new user profile for existing users on Windows 10 correctly, and you also need the critical data from your existing user profile.

Creating a user profile on Windows 10 is very easy using the following process, but before, I recommend renaming your existing profile first.

Because maybe the solution you are looking for may not be available in your new user profile; if you delete the existing profile and create the new one, you have to configure the new profile from scratch, or you may also face the following error in the new profile:

  1. Few of the Windows 10 Apps, i.e. Calculator, Photos, Store, etc., will not work.,
  2. You will be Signed-in with a temporary user profile.

So, to avoid this situation will first rename the existing profile (not delete it) and create a new one. If needed, we will use the existing user profile in future or maintain it as a backup.

Windows 10 create a new profile for an existing user by following the steps:

Step 01: Login as Administrator

To delete or recreate the corrupt user profile on your computer, you must log in using your administrator account on the computer.

After successful login with your administrator account, please follow the below steps carefully:

Step 02: Rename the Existing User Profile

How to Recreate User Profile on Windows 10

Open the file explorer and follow the below instruction:

  • Go to C:\Users
  • Select the respective profile and right-click on it
  • Either Rename or Delete the profile.

As shown in the above image, add something like .old at the end of the user profile.

Step 03: Rename the Registry file for the Existing User Profile

To appropriately rename a Windows user profile in Windows 10, you also need to edit and rename the registry file for that particular user. 

How to Recreate User Profile on Windows 10

1. Press Windows Key + R on your keyboard to open Run Window and type regedit

2. Click OK to open Registry Editor

How to Recreate User Profile on Windows 10


3. Copy the below path and paste on the registry editor path:

Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

How to Recreate User Profile on Windows 10

4. Select the User Profile which you want to recreate and Right click on it

5. Select Rename option to rename the profile

How to Recreate User Profile on Windows 10

6. Add .old at the end of the user profile

Now you have successfully edited the registry file of the user profile. This way, the user profile will be kept safe and might be helpful in the future if you are looking to reuse it.

Step 04: Now Login Again with the Same Username

You have successfully renamed your existing user profile folder and registry setting. Now it’s time to create a new user profile.

Restart your computer and log in with the same username and password. This time Windows will create a New User Profile for the same user.

Once you are successfully logged in, check the problem you were facing on the previous user profile is disappeared in the new user profile.

If all are working fine, then you are good to go.

Mohammed Nihal

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