How to Create and Configure RRAS VPN Server on Azure VM Part 3 – Assign Static Public IP For Azure VM​

We need to create self sign certificate for authenticating VPN server and the client. Since we are installing RRAS VPN Server on a Azure VM, first we need to set a static public static IP address and DNS name for the Azure VM.

Assign Static Public IP For Azure VM

Assigning Static Public IP for Azure VM is one of the important prerequisites of RRAS VPN on azure VM. Follow the below steps to assign the static public IP address for the RRAS Azure VM.

How to Assign Public Static IP for Azure VM

1. Login to your Azure portal and click on the Azure VM which you want to assign Public Static IP address

2. Once you start the VM, you will see a IP Address next to the Public IP address, click on it.

How to Assign Public Static IP for Azure VM

3. On the IP address assignment make your VM will be on Dynamic, change it to Static

4. On the DNS name label give a new for your VM, this will be helpful for us to create a self sign certificate later.

5. Once you are done, click on the Save button

This is how its easier to learn How to Assign Public Static IP for Azure VM. Assigning the Static Public Address for the VM will reserve some charges so make sure to check your Azure pricing.

Now we have to create a self signed certificate for the authentication purpose of RRAS Server for that please follow the below tutorial for the detailed steps.

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