The 20 Most Successful Best Ad Blocker For Android In 2023

The 24 Most Successful Best Ad Blocker For Android In 2022

Now imagine, what if I tell you, you can block the ads without paying any money? Check out our list of the Top 20 Best Ad Blocker for Android in 2023. This list of some of the best ad blocker apps available in the play store effectively blocks ads in every shape and form.

There are several reasons for using Adblock Android Apps on your device. Using the Internet isn’t safe anymore without an ad blocker app.

Ads are annoying and harmful as they can appear whenever during some important work or while playing online games. Ads are everywhere, whether it be on Facebook or YouTube etc..

Ads are usually the source of income, hence why they are shown when surfing the web; some sites offer a premium membership for getting rid of ads.

01 AdGuard

AdGuard is another one of the best ad blocker for Android apps on the play store. AdGuard is one of the 20 Best Ad Blockers for Android in 2023, which you should install. AdGuard makes sure that no harmful ads make their way to your screen.

AdGuard is capable of blocking advertisements on mobile apps and browser games. AdGuard builds up a secure firewall and provides extra protection through phishing and malware protection. There’s also a built-in VPN feature that’s not usually included in most ad blocker apps on Google Play Store.

Unfortunately, though, AdGuard is no longer available for installation through Google Play Store; you can find the APK on its official website. A “content blocker” app (not to be confused with this one) comes from the same company as this app located on Google Play Store.

02 AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is one of the most popular Ad blocker app for android on the Google play store. It’s effective at ridding you of online ads on your device and takes first place in our Top 20 Best Ad Blocker for Android in 2023.

AdBlock Plus comes with a free extension available for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, and Android for PC and laptop users alike. AdBlock Plus allows you to block the tracking cookies and domains known for spreading malware and privacy-breaching viruses.

AdBlock allows you to create filters based on your desires, similar to a Whitelist but not precisely that. AdBlock relies heavily on the initial setup from the user before initialization. The user has to create the filter list by themselves first.

03 Ad Detector

Ad Detector is one of the most popular apps for blocking private information-collecting ads that display and prompt users to input their private information. TrustGo Ad Detector is an ad blocker and a personal data protection app for your system.

TrustGo Ad Detector does an excellent job identifying privacy breaches that could occur if an ad is displayed in some app. Unlike TrustGo Ad Detector, most ad blocker apps cannot keep confidential information safe from spyware.

04 Adblocker Fast

Adblocker Fast was one of the Best Ad blocker for Android apps on android in 2019. Adblock Fast efficiently works even with older smartphones and for older browsers like up to Samsung Internet 4.0.

Adblocker Fast takes the 4th spot in the list of the Top 20 Best Ad Blocker for Android in 2023

Adblocker Fast helps load web pages faster by optimizing them and helps reduce the consumption of memory. Adblocker Fast is absolutely free to download.

As an extra, you don’t need to root your device to use Adblocker Fast.

05 Disconnect Pro

Best ad blocker for Android in 2022

Disconnect Pro is a premium ad blocker app/VPN Service for Android that allows you to block any advertisement and protect your privacy. Disconnect Pro can also block ads that specifically siphon your phone’s battery life and is one of the best ad blockers for Android to consider in 2023.

As mentioned before, Disconnect Pro is also a VPN Service; you can use it to protect your privacy and keep tracking cookies from infiltrating your mobile devices.

Protects a user’s privacy through VPN capability by masking IP Addresses and Blocks ads and can be used as a shield against trackers and Spyware, especially while online.

But the Disconnect Pro app is slightly costly for an average user looking for just blocking ads as the total cost for blocking ads, keeping your privacy safe, and shielding from Spyware can cost at least $50 annually.

The App doesn’t receive updates, so that you may encounter bugs and glitches from time to time. A few features of the App are specifically exclusive to Samsung devices.

06 AdClear

AdClear is developed by Seven Networks and is one of Android’s leading ad blocker apps. AdClear can block various irritating ads on your devices, including YouTube ads or other ads that feature clickbait content to extract information.

AdClear doesn’t require root access on your devices. AdClear offers firewall and memory optimization features for faster browsing. AdClear is also the best ad blocker for Android you should try in 2023.

07 AdAway

AdAway is an open-source and free ad blocker for Android and uses host files for blocking ads on your device; when an App on your device sends a request for the ad, that request will automatically be redirected to (your system’s localhost), meaning that request will never leave your system.

AdAway lets you surf the internet without any annoying advertisements. They also offer pre-configured host files for download on their website. Rather unfortunately, the app is not available on Play Store, but you can still download the APK online.

AdAway does not require a rooted device, as it stores the host files in a read-only system partition. Adway is one of the Top 20 Best Ad Blocker for Android in 2023.

08 Block This

Block This is one of the best Open-source DNS Based ad blocker apps for Android devices. Block this can block harmful ads on your system. By blocking this, you can save battery on your Android device as it blocks some unnecessary apps on your Android.

Block This App is unavailable on Google Play Store, but you download the APK from the app’s site.

Block This is on the 7th spot on the list of  Top 20 Best Ad Blocker for Android in 2023.

09 Secure Family - Safe and Secure Browsing

Secure Family Safe and Secure Browsing

Secure Family – Safe and Secure Browsing is a free App on the Google play store. Secure Family works on all browsers, all online browser games, and any website you surf. Secure Family blocks every kind of video ad, pop-up ad, and banner ad, whether on Youtube or Facebook, or any your favorite site or App.

Secure Family – Safe and Secure Browsing takes the esteemed second spot in this list of Top 20 Best Ad Blocker for Android in 2023.

This App blocks inappropriate content, videos that are pornographic in nature, filled with violence, and basically, any ads that are not safe for minors. Additionally, it includes a layer of security that ensures your device is protected from malicious online activity, e.g., Phishing attempts, Spamming, Malware, VPNs, extremely mixed/not safe for work content websites, etc,.

Secure Family routinely protects your privacy by blocking tracking websites that try to install spyware on your system. This helps you save your internet data and makes your browsing experience faster and much better.

  • Secure Family App automatically connects on the device start/restart
  • Secure Family App automatically connects while turning on the WiFi
  • Secure Family App automatically connects while turning on Mobile Data

10 Blokada

Blokada is another Top 20 Best Ad Blocker for Android in 2023. Blokada not only blocks annoying ads but also helps protect your device from suspicious activities such as phishing. One advantage of using Blokada is that it lets you set up your choice of website to the allowlist or vice versa in the filter.

In Blokada, you can filter to block only certain ads; if you want, you can allow your device to show some ads on your device.

Another thing about this app is that it lets you see which app is tracking you while remaining anonymous.

11 DNS66


DNS66 is a DNS-based Ad blocking App like ‘Secure Family’ and ‘Block. DNS66 uses DNS to block hostnames or ads, providing better ad-blocking features. This’s found on this list.

DNS66 creates a DNS profile on your device, bypasses all the traffic through their DNS server, and blocks various ads, including pop-up ads, image ads, or video ads in all web browsers, including apps.

DNS66 doesn’t need a rooted Android device to work correctly. DNS66 lets you use custom allowing or blocking features for blocking or allowing certain apps to work.

12 AdLock

Best ad blocker for Android in 2022

AdLock is still a new ad blocker app that has displayed flexibility in blocking irritating ads, protecting mobile devices from malware-infested ads, tracking sites, and more. The app is also light on most Android devices and can save energy, which can be extremely useful when looking to save battery life on Android devices.

AdLock also has an intuitive inbuilt firewall that can be customized to block unwanted mobile traffic by advertisements; this can even block ads on websites that use HTTPS secure connection, such as Google, Reddit, Facebook, etc. You can conclude AdBlock as the best ad blocker for Android in 2023.

Check this article to learn how to block ads in Windows 10 in just 2 mins.

It can work on most non-rooted Android devices. A system-wide ad blocker helps stop malicious and obscene advertisements on browsers and various apps. Blocks all sorts of ads, including banner ads, malware-infested ads, and pop-up ads.

But As AdBlock is more or less a premium app for Android, it works only for 14 days trial and subsequently requires the purchase of a license for either yearly ($11) or lifetime ($27). They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you face issues during that period.

13 AppBrain Ad Detector

Best ad blocker for Android in 2022

AppBrain Ad Detector is an app specifically designed for finding out which apps are showing ads; if you see ads on your notification area, unwanted icons, or randomized bookmarks, then this app will be able to help you find the exact cause of why it is happening and exactly which app is causing this. 

Also, this app detects ads and has a section explicitly reserved for Concerns where the AppBrain ad detector app will show which apps are asking for exactly what sort of permissions and why they are being asked. That is not all. Apart from detecting ads, there is a section for Concerns where the AppBrain ad detector will allow you to look up the app and see whether it is a viable one or not. Asking for permissions can prevent malware from coming onto your device.

Find and detect which app is showing push notification ads and spam. See what app can access any permission and why they are asking for it.

But this app doesn’t have ad-blocking capabilities, and it might not work correctly on the latest Android operation systems as it does not receive updates frequently.

14 WebGuard Ad Detector and Ad Blocker

WebGuard Ad Detector and Ad Blocker app help detect ads. Still, it can also be used as a premium ad blocker that utilizes a VPN service to monitor various traffic coming from the Internet, locate vulnerabilities and block all sorts of advertisements such as pop-ups, banners, video ads, etc.

WebGuard is, unfortunately, not a free app and requires a subscription to use all the app’s features. You can use the app for a trial period, from which you may gauge how the app works and whether it is worth getting a subscription for it or not.

It does not require a rooted Android device. It utilizes a local VPN service to locate and block suspicious ads, protects against tracking and surveillance trackers from various websites, and keeps your personal information confidential and safely hidden.

But you will need to buy a subscription to get all the features and services offered by the app. Adblocking might reduce the usability of a website and potentially break it.

15 Free Adblocker Browser by Rocketshield

Best ad blocker for Android in 2022

The free Adblocker browser made by Rocketshield, Inc. It can be used to improve one’s browsing experience on mobile devices through advertisements such as pop-up ones, banners, or video ads.

Powerful enough to block all types of pop-up advertisements. Advertisement blocking will preserve bandwidth immensely.

But Some sites might face functionality issues due to the blocking of ads.

16 Adguard Content Blocker

Best ad blocker for Android in 2022

Adguard Content Blocker is an open-source and free ad blocker for mobile devices such as Android. This adblocker app does not require root access on your Android device to be able to block advertisements and protect the device from tracking attempts by malicious websites. However, it should be noted that this app will only work in select browsers such as Samsung Internet Browser and Yandex Browser.

The Adguard content blocker app comes with customization features, which can help create ad filtration rules or blocklisting websites that are offending or harmful. The app also receives frequent updates from the developer to iron out any bugs and glitches.

Pre-made filtration rules to prevent ads and blocklist websites from tracking and Don’t require a rooted Android device. This app is accessible on mobile devices and does not affect a website page’s loading.

But the app only works on the Samsung Internet browser and Yandex Browser. The app will not block ads in any other apps installed on your device as it is exclusive to only two browsers.

17 Brave Privacy Browser

Best ad blocker for Android in 2022

The Brave Browser is designed for precision and quick adblocking with extra protection to prevent blocker trackers from accessing your data by forcing HTTPS requests and giving more control over your cookies. The Brave Browser can also block advertisements from cluttering your page.

You can block and unblock advertisements on any web page with a single tap. Protects your data by providing a private browsing functionality that lets you surf the internet anonymously.

But might be unable to block other types of ads from various websites.

18 Bromite Chrome Ad Blocker

Bromite Chrome Ad Blocker is an adblocker based on Chromium that focuses on protecting privacy and blocking ads, all provided within the web browser. The app’s primary purpose is to give the user a junk-free web surfing experience without annoying pop-up ads or tracking cookies ruining the said experience. The app also features an ad-blocking engine to prevent intrusive advertisements from popping up. 

Bromite Chrome Ad Blocker is currently available for Android 4.4 KitKat and the latest version of Android OS. As the app is open source and receives updates from the developer from time to time, the app remains relatively bug-free and easy to use. 

The inbuilt ad-blocking engine allows one to use filters such as plugins like EasyPrivacy. The app is always using incognito mode for enhanced anonymous browsing.

But the app is not available on the Google Play Store and needs to be manually sideloaded for installation of the app.

19 Firefox Focus: The Privacy Browser

Best ad blocker for Android in 2022

Firefox Focus: The Privacy Browser does what the name implies; it is an incognito browser designed by Mozilla for Android mobile devices. Firefox Focus has an inbuilt feature to block ads automatically and trackers often used by sites on the web browser.
Firefox focus can remove tracking cookies of websites you have visited, passwords you have entered, etc.

It automatically blocks standard tracking ads and cookies and does not require a rooted device or configuration. Removes browsing history, including cookies, trackers, and passwords you have entered.

But the latest update may cause issues with blocking advertisements. The web browser crashes on Android devices randomly when utilizing multiple tabs.

20 Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet Browser

Suppose you are explicitly using a Samsung device and are browsing the web on Samsung Internet Browser. In that case, this mobile app for blocking apps powered by Adblock Plus will probably be your ultimate boon, for this app provides one with adblocking capabilities while saving bandwidth data and preventing websites from putting out their tracking cookies on your browser.

To use Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet Browser, you need to have Samsung Internet 4.0 or later installed on your Android device.

Absolute control over the blocking of annoying advertisements. It works well on Samsung devices that are not rooted.

But they are designed exclusively for Samsung mobile devices installed with Samsung Internet 4.0 browser or later.

We hope you like our list of the best 20 Best Ad Blocker for Android in 2023. If you agree to give us a thumbs up if you have a comment or suggestions, please let us know in the comments below.

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