Picture vs Photo vs Image. What is The Difference and When to Use it?

Photo vs Picture vs Image. What is the difference and when to use it

Have you ever got confused between a Photo vs Picture vs Image?. This is one of the simple terms we use in our daily life but still some get confused on using the perfect terms.

There are millions of example, which you can find on the internet on Picture vs Photo vs Image and I would also give you a short and simple explanation in this article. 

So, What is the difference between a photo vs a picture vs an Image? and when to use them? Here is the how you can use them with simple explanation below:

A Picture Means

A picture is the most general term for any representation of an object, a person, or a landscape. A picture can be a painting or a pencil drawing, etc. In other words, pictures can be paintings or drawings of anything created by humans.

A picture is something like a painting of Mona Lisa.

A picture is a painting of a tree.

Photo vs Picture vs Image. What is The Difference and When to Use it?

A Photo Means

A photo or a photograph is something that taken with a camera. A photo or photograph is more specific, the origin is from a camera, and it can be taken with a film or digital camera or phone camera.

A photo or photography is a hard evidence related to a scene or an object or a place.

An Image Means

An Image is pretty much the same as the picture in the most general way. An image is a picture that has been created and stored in electronic form. In other words, you draw a picture of something but you capture that picture as an image on your electronic device.

In another word: When a visual object is modified or altered by a computer or Phone or any short of electronic device that is called image.

Photo vs Picture vs Image. What is The Difference and When to Use it?
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