How to Restart a Lenovo Laptop in 5 Different Ways

How to Reboot Lenovo Laptop in 5 Different Ways
Knowing how to restart a Lenovo laptop in various ways can be significantly useful if you are facing trouble with your laptop such as disconnection of Wi-Fi, being unable to use a program correctly other sorts of problems that might arise.

This article will be dealing with some of the nitpicks of how you may restart a Lenovo laptop using various ways if you are stuck in a hang-up of a situation. Generally, the start menu is the first option, but if your Lenovo laptop is not responding, one might need to use other methods. 

Keep reading below to know all about the various ways you can use to reboot a Lenovo Laptop.

How to Restart a Lenovo Laptop Using Start Menu

To learn How to restart a Lenovo laptop using Start Menu? While this method may not work if your laptop’s operating system is not responding, you can try the first method of simply restarting the Lenovo laptop using the Start Menu. To do so, do the following:

  1. Hover over your mouse to the Windows icon on the very left of the screen and click it.
  2. Click on the power button icon on your Lenovo Laptop on the lower left, which is the power button.
  3. Click on Restart.

This will restart your Lenovo laptop, do ensure that you have saved your prior work before doing so, as your data might get corrupted or lost otherwise. You can also press the Windows key on your laptop’s keyboard to open the Windows menu and do the last two steps listed above. 

How to Restart a Lenovo laptop using Power User Menu

If you want another way to reboot your Lenovo laptop, then using the Power User menu might be your choice. Accessing the Power User menu and restarting your Lenovo laptop can be very simple:

  1. Go towards the Windows icon and right-click.
  2. Hover over to Shut down or sign out.
  3. Click on Restart.

How to reboot a Lenovo laptop? This step might be a quicker alternative for some people! Alternatively, you can press the Windows Key + X buttons to open the Power User menu and do the remaining steps easily.

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How to Restart a Lenovo Laptop Using ALT + F4

Rebooting Lenovo laptop using the Alt + F4 key combination can be the simplest and fastest of the methods so far. To do so, press the above-mentioned key combination, select the Restart option on the drop-down list, and click OK. 

This will be more than enough to restart your Lenovo laptop quickly. 

How to restart a Lenovo Laptop? This method is mainly reserved for people actively looking for ways to close their laptops during situations of the crisis quickly or if they are in a hurry due to some reason. This method can indeed be used to save you time.

How to Restart a Lenovo Laptop Using Ctrl+Alt+Del

Usually, pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Del key combinations will bring up the security menu and interrupt any function that might be going on in your program. 

Through this menu, you can choose to Power Off your laptop, restart it or open the Task Manager to close an offending program that might be causing your laptop to slow down.

How to restart a Lenovo laptop? The above-mentioned key combinations will help you with this; press the buttons, select the power icon on the right and choose the restart option. Just these quick actions will save you a lot of hassle and sweat!

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How to Restart a Lenovo Laptop Using Command Prompt

While this might not be as actively used as the other options, you may try using the command prompt way of rebooting your Lenovo laptop. To do so, you may do the following:

  1. Open the Command Prompt by searching for it on the Start Menu
  2. Type shutdown/r on the Command Prompt and press Enter on your keyboard.

While the shutdown statement may appear confusing, the /r is a prompt for a restart. Therefore the Lenovo laptop will restart instead of simply shutting down. 

How to reboot Lenovo laptop? The command prompt method might be your way. At best, you will have less than a minute to save your work before your laptop restarts if you use this method.


While most of these methods might seem simple enough for those well-versed in computers, they might not be so simple for those just starting their journey in the virtual world and are just in the stages of learning it. 

Even those who are highly fluent with Laptops may just be surprised to know about some of the above-listed methods here, which might be helpful for them if you are wondering how to reboot Lenovo laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Restart a Lenovo Laptop That is Frozen

To restart a frozen Lenovo laptop, hold down the power button for about 10 seconds until the laptop turns off. Wait a few seconds, then press the power button again to turn it back on. This force restart can help resolve temporary freezes or unresponsive situations.

How To Restart Lenovo Laptop with Keyboard

To restart a Lenovo laptop using the keyboard, press and hold the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys simultaneously. This will bring up a screen with several options. Select “Restart” from the options using the arrow keys and press Enter. The laptop will then begin the restart process.

How To Restart Lenovo Laptop with Black Screen

To restart a Lenovo laptop with a black screen, press and hold the power button until the laptop turns off completely. Disconnect the power adapter and remove the battery (if possible). Wait for a few seconds, then reconnect the power adapter and battery. Press the power button to turn on the laptop.

How To Restart Lenovo Laptop without Power Button

If the power button on your Lenovo laptop is not functional, you can still restart it. Firstly, disconnect the power adapter and remove the battery (if possible). Then, press and hold the “Ctrl” and “Esc” keys simultaneously for a few seconds. This action will force a restart on your Lenovo laptop.

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