Why you should not buy a Seagate NAS?

I have been using Seagate 4 Bay NAS Pro for the last 3 year. Buying the Seagate NAS Pro is the worst decision of my life. The frustration and the helpless I have got is unexplainable.  I am writing this blog to show my frustration, difficults I had with this device so that other could not face the same. At the time of purchasing the Best NAS, I choose Seagate device over other vendors like Synolog, QNAP, I thought Seagate will be the better comparing to performance, features etc due to it’s historic experience on the storage platform.

Without any doubt Seagate has a long history on the hard disk drives. I am a fan of Seagate Hard disk. I have used from Hard disk from 250 GB to 4 TB Hard disk. I have never used any hard drives other than Seagate. I have claimed the warranty for dozens of Seagate hard disk. But when it comes to NAS Seagate is a complete mess.

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