Why you should not buy a Seagate NAS?

I have been using Seagate 4 Bay NAS Pro for the last 3 year. Buying the Seagate NAS Pro is the worst decision of my life. The frustration and the helpless I have got is unexplainable. I am writing this blog to show my frustration, difficults I had with this device so that other could not face the same. At the time of purchasing the Best NAS, I choose Seagate device over other vendors like Synolog, QNAP, I thought Seagate will be the better comparing to performance, features etc due to it’s historic experience on the storage platform.

Without any doubt Seagate has a long history on the hard disk drives. I am a fan of Seagate Hard disk. I have used from Hard disk from 250 GB to 8 TB Hard disk. I have never used any hard drives other than Seagate. I have claimed the warranty for dozens of Seagate hard disk. But when it comes to NAS Seagate is a complete mess.

Reason 1:

Their technical support teams don’t know what the are dealing with. There is a instance when I call for support, she was asking for the hard disk serial number and she was saying you should not use any other hard disk that’s not come with the NAS when you bought it. Like what? She was covering has incompetence, I hang the call to stop arguing with her.

Reason 02:

I got one firmware update, so I prepared to install it. Update was downloaded and installation begin. Here the problem starts, the display was showing No boot device detected. It’s gone. I had 2 TB of data with simple raid option (RAID 1) enabled. How you gonna recover the data. You might be saying, I should have additional backup on the other drive or I should have followed something 321 strategy.

But the real problem is Seagate store the OS file on the first slot of the HDD (whereas other brands like Synology have a separate built-in space for this) since the OS file has corrupted even if I have any TBs of data it would have been not accessible.

Seagate support team response:

I created a ticket on the portal, I didn’t get any call within one day. The next day I called, they started by saying your product is outdated and they couldn’t give me any support. What?? I agree my product is outdated isn’t your responsibility to guide me through data recovery? No, they are crystal clear because they have no idea to help me. Atleast, They could have point me to a right direction.

I recover the data after a lot of struggle. After the first think we did is, we bought a Synology NAS and started to migrate all of our data.

Seagate has no expertise on making, support and providing the support near to NAS.

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