What is Vanish Mode on Instagram and How to Turn it On and Off

Social media platforms are often accused of lack privacy, but what if I say there is an option for you to send secret-disappearing messages. Instagram the 4th most used Social media platform has a special future called vanish mode.

Are you wondering what is Vanish mode on Instagram? how to access it? Then you are in the right place. Here in this article, you will get to know about the following in detail.

Okay without further ado, let’s get started. 

Vanish mode is like an Incognito Tab in Chrome browser. Using vanish mode you can send disappearing messages to your friends or people in your chat.

After the last December update, the Facebook and Instagram Messanger has updated with a new feature called Vanish Mode. The messages sent through this mode will be self-destructed after everyone in the chat left or when the vanish mode is turned off.

In the last update, the duration of self-destruction is increased to 6 hours. Thus you will be able to access the messages in vanish mode for 6 hours after you left the chat.

In short, it is more like the disappearing messages feature in Snapchat. Okay, so what is the use of this Vanish mode? let’s see it.

When to use Vanish Mode on Instagram

I got your question -“I am not a spy, I have no secrets to share. So why should I use Vanish mode?”.

You don’t need to have secrets to use Vanish mode. Ever experienced sharing a silly picture of you to your friend, which he forwards to every other classmate, and at last, you become a laughing stock.

You should turn on Vanish mode before sending such pictures or messages which you don’t want to be forwarded or discussed further. And Instagram also notifies you if the other person takes a screenshot of your messages.

Here are the scenarios you should turn on vanish mode –

  • While sharing something confidential
  • sharing something silly or embarrassed stuff
  • while badmouthing your seniors or boss
  • for sharing spontaneous messages

How to Turn On Vanish Mode on Instagram

To turn on Vanish mode on Instagram, here are the following step-by-step guide:

What is Vanish Mode on Instagram and How to Turn it On and Off
  1. Open Instagram App and Then tab the direct messenger icon on the top right corner
  2. Now select the chat (the person) you want to enable vanish mode.
  3. Now, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to turn on Vanish mode.
    If you are using the Vanish mode for the first time, a brief introduction to vanish mode will be displayed.
  4. Now your chat theme will turned into dark mode and a “Turn Off Vanish Mode” button will appear at the top of the screen. The same will happen to the receiver, with a message stating that you’re in a vanish mode.

Now you can chat as usual using the vanish mode, and get the benefit of Vanish mode and stop sneaking anyone on your chat.

Now you have learned How to turn on vanish mode on Instagram, to turn off the vanish mode on Instagram following the below instruction.

How to Turn Off Vanish Mode on Instagram

To turn Off Vanish mode on Instagram, you can follow the following steps to turn off Vanish Mode on Instagram –

What is Vanish Mode on Instagram and How to Turn it On and Off
  1. Open Instagram App and Then tab the direct messenger icon on the top right corner
  2. Now select the chat (the person) you have already enabled vanish mode.
  3. Simply Tap on Turn Off Vanish Mode at the top of the screen.

Once you turn off the vanish mode the receiver won’t be able to see the messages shared in the vanish mode. However, you will be able to see them for the next 6 hours after you leave the chat window.

I hope you learn How to turn Off Vanish Mode on Instagram. This is you can turn off vanish mode on Instagram.

Point to remember while using Vanish Mode on Instagram

You have already mastered the Vanish Mode option in Instagram, here are some additional points for your knowledge –

  • You must have Messenger App (formerly known as Messenger for Facebook) on your device.
  • You will get notified if someone sends messages using Vanish mode. By tapping it you will enter the Vanish mode conversation with them.
  • Messages shared in Vanish mode cannot be copied, saved, or forwarded.
  • You can use Vanish mode only with persons you connected with already (followed or messaged before).
  • Vanish mode can be activated only in the Individual chat, cannot use for group chat.
  • It cannot be accessed through Facebook or Messenger accounts.
  • Still, the other party can take a screenshot or screen record your chat contents, and a notification will be sent if this happens.
  • The contents shared in the Vanish mode can still be reported.
  • Anyone can take a photo of the disappearing messages using other devices or cameras before they vanish.

Why I Can't access Vanish Mode on Instagram

If you can’t access Vanish Mode on Instagram, make sure you have updated your Instagram app to the latest version (combines with the Facebook Messenger update).

You can do this by tapping your DM icon or using the Play Store or App Store. Another reason can be that you are using it in the Group chat. 

Or that Vanish mode is not available in your country yet. Currently, Vanish mode is unavailable in Japan and some European countries.


“Not all the messages are meant to be last forever”- this is the idea behind the Vanish Mode concept of Instagram. It is said soon the Vanish mode will be made available around the world. So what are you planning to do with this Vanish Mode feature?

I hope you have learned What is Vanish mode on Instagram and How to Turn on and off Vanish mode on Instagram.

If you have any thoughts or further questions please leave them in the comment section below.

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