Microsoft ready to launch Windows 11 soon

Microsoft ready to launch Windows 11 soon

Microsoft has revealed that its ending Windows 10 support for home and pro version by October 14, 2025 and and not the entire OS. But till then, it support any one of the Windows 10 version through Windows 10 Semi-Annual Channel. Microsoft has made this statement on the Windows 10 lifecycle document.

When is Windows 11 Coming Out

Microsoft has been revealing lots of hints that it’s ready to launch Windows 11 very soon. Recently Microsoft holds a few special Windows event to reveal the “next generation” of the OS next week. Windows 11 release date not yet revealed by Microsoft.

Till now there is not statement on Windows 10 Enterprise end of life. Normally Windows Enterprise versions will get longer support from Microsoft and its not yet when is Microsoft revealing the end of support for enterprise version.

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