How to Turn on Noise Cancelling on AirPods – 6 Best Methods

How to Turn on Noise Cancelling on AirPods

The outstanding features of Apple AirPods, like Siri, touch control, and active noise cancellation, make them high-end wireless earphones. Learning how to Turn on Noise Cancelling on AirPods can be useful in noisy environments.

Continue reading to find out how to activate AirPods’ noise cancellation so you can focus on your job, workouts, yoga, or just listening to music.

How to Turn on Noise Cancelling on AirPods on Android

  • Turn on Bluetooth on your Android smartphone or tablet.
  • Affix the AirPods.
  • Put the AirPods in your ears at this point.
  • Hold down both AirPods’ Force Sensors for a long time to turn on Noise Cancelling on Airpods (Android)
  • It is located on the AirPods’ stem.
  • You’ll now hear a tiny chime confirming that the noise cancellation is active.
  • Press and hold the Force Sensor once more to turn off this function.

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How to Turn on Noise Cancelling on AirPods on iPhone

Method #1: Activate Noise Cancelling Using Force Sensor

  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to the AirPods.
  • Any of the AirPods’ Force Sensors can be long-pressed until a brief chime is heard.
  • The chime makes assurance that the noise cancellation system is on. Hence Noise Cancelling is on using Forse Sensors.

Method #2: Switch On Noise Cancelling Using Settings

  • Make sure your iPad or iPhone and the AirPods are in sync.
  • Now access the Bluetooth centre by opening the Settings app.
  • After locating the AirPods that are linked, tap the I icon.
  • Transparency, Off, and Noise Cancellation are available.
  • To make the functionality active, tap on Noise Cancellation.

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How to Turn on Noise Cancelling on AirPods on Windows

Don’t worry if you use your AirPods with a Windows machine that supports Bluetooth. Windows-based devices also support noise cancellation.

To activate or deactivate the active Noise Cancelling feature of Apple AirPods, follow the instructions listed in the earlier section of this article for Android.

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How to Turn on Noise Cancelling on AirPods on Mac

The macOS Sound control is the simplest way to activate the noise cancellation on AirPods. This is how:

  • Connect the AirPods to your macOS computer after turning on Bluetooth.
  • Select Sound control from the macOS menu bar at this time.
  • Sound and Output Devices will be displayed in the context menu.
  • The AirPods must be located in the Output Device section.
  • Three options are displayed when you left-click the AirPods: Off, Noise Cancellation, and Transparency.
  • To activate it, select Noise Cancellation.
  • When not necessary, repeat the previous procedures and click the Noise Cancellation option to make it inactive.

Using the Force Sensor of the AirPods provides an additional method of turning on noise cancelling from a macOS device. To enable the onboard feature, however, you must take the following actions:

  • Go to System Preference> Bluetooth when the AirPods are connected to the Mac.
  • Next to the AirPods that are connected, click the Options button.
  • For the Press and Hold Left AirPod option, choose Noise Control.
  • Choose Off, Transparency, and Noise Cancellation from the toggle menu.
  • To end the procedure, choose Done.

Final Words

Any of the techniques above can activate active noise cancellation on your AirPods. You can travel or exercise using iOS-based or onboard techniques. On the other hand, desktop-based approaches are appropriate for use at work.

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