How to Migrate Microsoft Teams, Planner, OneNote and Wiki between Office 365 tenants

For some reason some of us come to a situation where need to migrate data between tenants. But most of the times this task become tedious.

But now you have an option, If you are planning to Migrate Microsoft Teams, Planner, OneNote and Wiki data between tenants.

Unfortunately, there is not a direct option or feature given by Microsoft in Office 365 portal and you have to get the help from third-party application.

Apps4.Pro is a Microsoft partner in Gold Application Development which offer various tool including Apps4.Pro Migration Manager.

Apps4.Pro Migration Manager

Apps4.Pro Migration Manager can migrate the following components between two Office 365 Tenants:


  • Teams and their associated Office 365 group and group-specific settings
  • Teams Users (Members and Owners)
  • Team specific settings (ex: Member Settings, Message Settings, Guest Settings, etc…)


  • General & Private Channels
  • Channel specific settings
  • Channel Conversations (with actual posted username and timestamp)
  • Files tab -> folders, sub-folders, and files with their permissions

1:1 Personal Chat:

  • One to One Chat
  • Group Chat
  • @ mentions
  • Source Username, Message original Posted DateTime
  • Files Upload
  • Share Chat History Time 
  • Delivery Options (Importance and Urgent)
  • Files, Activity and Organization Tabs

Tabs (Apps):

  • Conversations tab
  • Files tab
  • Planner tab
  • OneNote
  • Wiki tab
  • Word, Excel,
  • PowerPoint, Website tab


  • Plans & Buckets
  • Task titles, Assignment, Labels, Progress and Dates
  • Description, Checklists
  • Attachments
  • Comments (with actual posted username and timestamp)


  • My Files
  • Shared by me
  • Shared by you
  • Shared libraries
  • Folder Structure
  • Permission

Microsoft Stream:

  • Channels
  • Channel permissions
  • Video permissions
  • Meeting recordings

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