How to Connect PS4 to Bluetooth Headphones

How to connect PS4 to Bluetooth Headphones

In this article we will see How to Connect PS4 to Bluetooth Headphones. With you PS4, you can use all types of Bluetooth headphones but you cannot connect or pair your Bluetooth device directly to your PS4 because it does not supported. 

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Does PS4 support Bluetooth Headphones

Yes, but sadly, Sony PS4 doesn’t support Bluetooth audio on the box directly. Which means you cannot connect your Bluetooth headphones directly to the PS4 and you need to use some Bluetooth Adapter which will transfer the audio from your PS4 to your Bluetooth Headphones.

How to Connect AirPods to PS4

By following the below steps you can connect any types of Bluetooth Headphones to PS4 using a Bluetooth adapter

  • Make sure your Bluetooth Headphone is fully charged.
  • Make sure your Bluetooth Adapter is fully charged if its too uses a battery.
  • Connect your Bluetooth adapter to your PS4 usb port.
  • Put the Bluetooth Headphones into pairing mode by following the user manual of your Bluetooth Headphones.
  • Go to your PS4 Audio setting to make sure your PS4 audio is being sent to your Bluetooth Headphones by going to Settings > Devices > Audio Devices.
  • Make sure your PS4 Output device is set to “Headphones connected to controller”.
  • Make sure your PS4 Output to Headphones is set to “All Audio”.

Now you have successfully connected your Bluetooth Headphones to your PS4 and learn how to connect your Bluetooth Headphones to PS4. Now you are ready to enjoy the game with your new Bluetooth Headphones!

Why Bluetooth Headphones Mic not working

Unfortunately, The truth is Bluetooth adapter only send the audio from your PS4 to your AirPods and not the Mic audio from your AirPods to your PS4. 

Your Bluetooth Headphones may have a microphone but you cannot use it through a Bluetooth Adapters. Bear in mind, this is the limitation if you uses a Bluetooth Adapter with your Sony PS4 device.

In order to use microphones with your PS4 device, you need to buy the headphones which is made for PS4 in order to chat with other player on your PS4 device

You can connect your Bluetooth Headphones if you just want to hear the audio only and not to chat with your friends during the game.

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